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Partner with Varec and realize the benefits of operating a single system for inventory tank gauging, facility management, inventory accounting and loading operations.

Unparalleled Functionality – for Marketing and Distribution Terminals, Refineries, Petrochemical Plants and Airports

In recent years Varec has been working closely with major oil companies to expand FuelsManager’s capabilities and provide unparalleled automation across any sized distribution facility. Existing functionality for managing bulk liquid storage tanks is now fully integrated with new features for facility management, accounting and truck rack automation, including  access control, automated Gain/Loss, TWIC, ExSTARS, security, product loading/unloading, order entry, transaction management and daily inventory reconciliation.

Single Solution, Single Supplier - Life Cycle Support You Can Trust

It is not uncommon to see two to three separate computers at an oil and gas terminal, each performing discrete business functions that lead to increased costs and limited performance. Our “single solution – single supplier” approach - one supplier, one system, one source for technical assistance - simplifies support, lowers cost of ownership and improves the efficiency and performance of your operations.

Multiple, Complex Systems for Terminal Automation

Single Fuelsmanager Terminal Automation System

Varec’s Gold Standard – Protect Your Investment for Many Years to Come

Microsoft Gold Certified PartnerOur Microsoft Gold Partner certified software and engineering group is at the forefront of developments with new software technologies, such as Microsoft .NET, Windows Seven, Azure and SQL. This expertise allows us to maintain a quality standard through our core product while also quickly developing new features so that we may tailor each implementation to our individual customer or project need. In turn, you obtain a system that is future proof.

Open Systems - Keep Your Existing Hardware and Infrastructure

View an example site systems diagramFuelsManager is able to interface seamlessly to devices from third parties, such as presets and loading bay controllers. Throughout the development of FuelsManager Oil & Gas Terminal Automation Edition we have continued to build on our core competence of open systems and interface development. Our flexibility means you are able to keep existing hardware and reduce the investment needed to upgrade your terminal automation system.

Enabling E-business - Integrate, Transfer and Share Data

We have extensive experience integrating FuelsManager with ERP systems and third party business partners, such as SAP to enable e-business. FuelsManager’s enterprise features provide corporate wide overviews and administration of all installations, sharing data, such as transactions, inventories, graphic displays and reports. Ultimately, you are able to integrate, transfer and share data throughout your company and with your customers systems using standardized ERP interfaces.

Contact us today to learn how FuelsManager Oil & Gas Terminal Automation Edition can be configured for your applications.