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Security Keeping your data, system and facility secure is of utmost importance with the rising threat of cyber-attacks to industrial control systems. FuelsManager is the only terminal automation system available that is certified to U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) DIACAP platinum security standards. These standards also meet or exceed API and ISA security recommendations. It is the only accreditation program that covers many key risk areas, including update management, field security and Internet security.

FuelsManager securely records all information for internal use. Essentially, an audit trail is created of all changes and events within the system to provide complete transparency and process accountability, which meets SOX requirements for financial responsibility.

Lastly, FuelsManager's open communications and device independence means it is able to integrate to facility access and load control systems, such as driver entry terminals, preload stations and presets. This ensures you control who is able to access your facility and load product.

Improved Security

Throughput We keep your operations flowing. FuelsManager helps manage throughput of product from receipt, through your tanks to the load rack. In the tank farm, FuelsManager provides greater insight into the product you receive and store; its inventory management capabilities are second to none. It also improves the flow of vehicles through the rack. At the gate, driver ID and credentials are quickly validated. The information is then used at the pre-load station or load rack to provide company and driver specific selections, hence simplifying their task, so each vehicle spends less time in the terminal.

Increased Throughput

Tank Gauging Tank gauging has been our business for almost 100 years. Varec is the only terminal automation supplier that also provides a wide range of liquid level measurement instrumentation and accessories. Unlike our competitors, who can only provide one or two types of measurement technology, we suggest a tank gauging system based on all application requirements. This means you get the accuracy required at a viable cost, backed by Varec's extensive experience and support.

Higher Accuracy

Safety Safety is at the forefront of our actions throughout the product life cycle, from product development to integration and support. FuelsManager has extensive alarm and event recording capabilities for movement tracking, tank gauging and loading operations. It is able to interface to third-party safety devices, such as level alarm sensors, fueling interlocks or leak detection systems, and it can drive automation actions throughout the system based on a device's status.

Increased Safety

Accountability A Varec terminal automation system provides improved visibility and accountability. At a facility, your operators are able to reconcile book versus physical inventory for all the products your terminal manages, including additives and co-mingled products. They can lock down accounting periods, automatically create close-out reports, and quickly identify variances and allow improved billing cycles. At a regional or enterprise level, you gain visibility of these actions and are able to create reports that encompass inventories and transactions for all the facilities you manage, thus providing greater insight into your total stock position.

Real-time Accountability

Integration Our integration capabilities are built on three core principles. Firstly, products with open systems or industry standard communications simplify installation and commission. Secondly, if you have unique or third-party systems, we are able to develop interfaces to enable smooth data sharing and seamless integration. Lastly, we maintain capable systems integration and automation engineers that work with your staff to bring all elements of a project together.

Seamless Integration

Support Our customers have access to our technical support center 24x7, 365 days a year. Support and troubleshooting are simplified because our help desk engineers are trained on the entire system, from the gauge to the enterprise interfaces. Maintenance and upgrades are also simplified because the system is tested as an integrated suite, and our staff can deploy upgrades remotely.

Complete Solutions

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